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KS PistonsIn recent years, KS Kolbenschmidt has consistently built up expertise in designing, developing and producing systematically optimised piston systems.

We successfully operate a dedicated friction output test bench for passenger car applications that operates according to the floating liner principle in order to integrate the results into areas such as friction simulation. KS develops complete piston systems for utility vehicles, consisting of pistons, piston rings, cylinders, pins and connecting rods that have been optimised with regard to friction and consumption. On the whole, the piston system optimised by KS Kolbenschmidt is characterised by friction values reduced by up to 18% with constant, low oil consumption.

The low-friction piston rings are the result of an alliance with the Japanese manufacturer, NPR. Cylinders honed for sliding for low oil consumption come from a cooperation with GKN Cylinder Liners. A further friction component in the piston system is the friction at the piston pin. For this reason, KS Kolbenschmidt has determined the friction coefficient between pin, piston and connecting rod for various high-performance material combinations so as to integrate the results into the piston dynamics simulation. Piston pins were also coated and tested with diamond-like carbon (DLC).


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The performance and torque characteristics of advanced gasoline and diesel engines combined with the available installation space call for rod and crankshaft bearing shells with exceptional load-bearing capacity and low wear and friction. For connecting rod bushings, extremely low wall thicknesses, maximum load-bearing capacity and antiseize properties are demanded. Metal bushings and washers in transmissions must reveal high wear resistance, high seizure resistance as well as good adaptability.

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