GT Automotive

GT Automotive

GT Automotive is an engine parts specialist who supply the automotive industry with OEM quality aftermarket products from our warehouse facility in Oxfordshire, UK. Originating from the manufacture and distribution of camshafts, GT Automotive has partnered with several other key manufacturers to bring carefully selected high quality, yet great value, products to the UK market, including lifters, valves, bearings, pistons and crankshaft pulleys. With a huge stock base in Oxfordshire, GT Automotive can cover a vast range of engine applications with fast and efficient delivery. With core values of quality, service and product value at the heart of our expansion, GT Automotive is proud to be one of the up and coming brands in the UK market..


GT has well in excess of 2,000 parts in their production range for a vast range of European & Asian engines. They have been producing camshafts for nearly 40 years and is a well established OEM manufacturer. They produce chilled cast and steel billet camshafts using cutting edge machinery and technology in their factory in Oxfordshire. GT have built a reputation within car manufacturers for producing high quailty camshafts for an affordable price.

GT Camshafts
acl big end & main bearings

Hydraulic Lifters, Tappets & Rocker Arms

GT produce a wide variety of high quality and heavy duty hydraulic lifters & tappets, cam buckets, cam followers and rocker arms. These are available separately or as part of the range of camshaft kits. Engine builders can have the confidence that they are precise and durable parts


We keep a vast range of GT crankshaft pulleys here at LEC. GT Pulleys are manufactured to OEM specification and come with a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty. Crankshaft pulleys should be replaced at the recommended manufacturers intervals. If the engine vibrations are not being controlled, this could wear the Crankshaft Bearing or eventually cause Crankshaft failure

crankshaft pulleys

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