Ajusa Gaskets, Seals & Bolts

Ajusa is one of the best gasket & seal manufacturers in the world. Their gaskets are well-known for being some of the most comprehensive on the market. Their attention to detail is second to none and you will never be missing that little seal to finish the job.

Cylinder Head Gaskets


With more than 1000 different references of MLS Head Gaskets, Ajusa is by far the producer with the largest coverage. Ajusa’s multi-layer steel head gaskets differ our immediate competitors because they are technologically developed for its use on repaired engines, the requirements are appreciably different those required in the first assembly.

Designed for high performance diesel and gasoline engines, are avant-garde products for demanding customers.


Ajusa responds to the demanding requirements of each time less diversified markets with more than 2000 different references of this type of gaskets. Fibermax Head Gaskets are made of high resistance steel with two high performance fiber layers fixed over it. The process is completed by inserting different components in order to increase performance as well as several coatings and silicone cord when required.
If your engine needs this type of gaskets don’t doubt that Ajusa’s Fibermax gasket will always be over the performance needed by a second assembly in your engine.

Cylinder Head Bolts

The use of new technologies on engines as well as new angular tightening systems make the substitution of bolts any time the head gasket is changed essential.

In 1993 Ajusa launched this new product line as an excellent complement to the line of gaskets. As well as it does for gaskets, Ajusa offers a full coverage of bolts for every engine requiring angular tightening.
Ajusa has currently more than 400 references of Bolt Sets. Our program is by far the most complete in the market.

(Important: Substituting bolts when assembling head gasket is indispensable in angular tightening heads)


Gasket Sets

Ajusa has the largest coverage of gasket sets for European and Asiatic vehicles.
For every engine, Ajusa offers the following:
  • Overhaul gasket set
  • Head Gasket Set
  • Turbo Fitting Kit
  • Conversion Gasket Set
  • Head Bolt Set
  • Valve Stem Seal Set
  • Oil Pan Gasket Set
  • Liner Set
  • Head Gasket Kit
  • Valve Cover Gasket Set
  • Crankshaft Set
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Ajusa gaskets, bolts, seals


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