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BGA have been manufacturing gaskets & engine components since 1929. They are the aftermarket division of the British Gaskets group which is a leading supplier of engine components to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

BGA manufacture timing products including chain & belt kits along with Engine Valves. They also manufacture OEM Oil & Water Pumps.

Engine Valves

BG Automotive’s compelling Valve and Valve Guide range provides for a wide range of European and Asian vehicles, exceeding 1,500 references supporting more than 12,000 applications. Our range includes both stellite and bi-metal Valves, are individually packed and come with model specific fitting instructions; providing you with the complete solution.

BGA Engine Valves
BGA Oil & Water Pumps

Oil & Water Pumps

Our premium Oil Pumps are manufactured from the highest quality aluminium and cast steel, covering the most popular applications. Meeting OE specification across the range, Oil Pumps from BG Automotive provide our customers with a solution that comprises both quality and value.

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