Dow Corning Silicone rubber sealant (Instant Gasket) 78g
Dow Corning Silicone rubber sealant (Instant Gasket) 78g Dow Corning Silicone rubber sealant (Instant Gasket) 78g

Dow Corning Silicone rubber sealant (Instant Gasket) 78g

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A tube or Dow Corning Silicone rubber sealant (Instant gasket)


A high grade silicone sealant

78g Tube

Dow corning Auto is  a RTV silicone rubber sealant ideal for sealing leaking windscreens and making permanent replacement instant gaskets. It forms a tough, water resistant rubber seal that will not shrink, crack or discolour and will withstand temperature extremes from -55c to +150c.

Suggested uses
Dow corning Auto is ideal for making permanent instan gaskets, sealing lapms, leaking water hoses, windscreens and windows, water-proofing electrical junctions and curing vibration & noise problems.
Cars & Motorcycles: Crankcase covers, thermostat holdings, rocker box cover, water pumps, timing chain covers, sideplates, relay covers, solenoid covers.
Marine: Engine gaskets (inboard or outboard), water seals, bilge pumps etc. Instant gasket is not affected by sea water.

Instructions for use

  1. All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease. Surfaces can be cleaned using methylated spirits applied to a tissue or cloth before applying Dow Corning Auto sealant.
  2. Remove nozzle, cut off end of plastic cartridge and screw on nozzle.
  3. Cut tip of the nozzle to required width to seal. To apply sealant, insert black plunger into base of cartridge and press.
  4. Press tip of the nozzle against joint and hold cartridge at a 45 degree angle.
  5. Push the cartridge while applying a steady, even pressure to the black plunger in the base. Ensure that a bead of sealant makes contact with both surfaces whilst still uncured
  6. Smooth any inconsistancies to the finished bead with a wet instrument such as a spoon or spatula. Smooth surfaces lightly ensuring sealant makes contact with both surfaces whilst still uncured
  7. Any excess or misapplied sealant should be removed whilst still uncured using a tissue or cloth soaked in methylated spirits. Cured silicone may be removed using a sharp blade or alternatively by applying Geocel Silicone Sealant remover to the affected area.
  8. After completing the application, ensure that the sealant is kept dry and undisturbed for at least 12 hours. The sealant will form a tough, water tight rubber seal that remains flexible.
Instructions for use as Auto Instant Gasket
  1. When using Dow Corning Auto Sealant as an instant gasket, follow instructions for use listed above.
  2. To enable components to be dismantled at a later date, apply a light coating of oil to both surfaces after cleaning has been completed.
  3. Dow Corning Auto should be applied to one surface only. The bead should be 1.5mm – 3mm thick.
  4. Ensure that the bead is spread evenly, conforming to surface shape. Torque down immediately.
  5. When the sealant has completely cured (12 hours) excess may be trimmed away with a sharp blade.
  6. The engine may be run as soon as the job as been completed – before the sealant is fully cured.

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