Engine Bearings

We have a massive range of engine bearings fo Cars, Vans & Trucks. We keep all well know brands including ACL, AE, Glyco, Vandervell, Mahle, King, Miba & KS (Kolbenschmidt)

Big End Bearings / Conrod Bearings

These are the bearings that are located in the larger end of the connecting rod. Some shells will have locating tags which protude outwards that will slot into a machined area of the conrod. Some conrods are "cracked or snapped" generally bearings for this style of conrod do not have locating tags. The bearing is held in place by the crush of the conrod cap when it is correctly torqued. Many bearings have an oil hole in the upper shell to help with lubrication. The hole in the bearing is aligned with the hole in the conrod.


Main Bearings

These are the bearings that sit on central journals on the crankshaft.The crankshaft spins inside these bearings.Many main bearings have oil grooves and oil holes to keep the crank and bearing lubricated. Each engine is different and have different configurations of grooves and holes. Some main bearings have an integral thrust washer whilst others engines may have separate washers.

Thrust Washers

The thrust washers help align the crankshaft in block laterally. The thrust washer is designed to govern the amount of end float the crankshaft has. If the thrust face gets worn, you may need oversized thrust washers to decrease the end float back into the required tolerance.

Small End Bearings / Bushes

These bushes are located are located in the smaller diameter of the connecting rod. These are pressed into the rod and often come with a new conrod. On older vehicles these were more easily replaced. Some small end bearings come as a standard size whereas other are UNB (unbored) These bearings will require boring out to the correct size to the gudgeon pin leaving the desired clearance set by the engine manufacturer.

Camshaft Bushes

Some engine require camshaft bushes or bearings. These bearings sit in the cam caps. Not all engines have camshaft bearings. The most common engines we know that are fitted with these bearings is the Volkswagen Audi Group 4 & 5 cylinder TDI PD Pumpa Duse engine, along with the Ford Pinto & Crossflow.
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