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Head Gaskets

Glaser gaskets are manufactured in Spain to OEM specification and are used by car makers across the Globe. As Glaser are part of the DANA group, some gaskets are manufactured in Germany by sister company Victor Reinz.

Head Bolts

Cylinder-head bolts guarantee a secure and releasable joint. However, this does not mean that the same bolt can be reused for the same application. When reassembling a cylinder head, always make sure to use new head bolts. The result will be a high sealing pressure for a reliable and tight joint.

Oil Seals

The most important types of dynamic seals are oil seals for use on rotating shafts, and valve stem seals for reducing the flow of oil through the cylinder-head into the combustion chamber. In addition to simple oil seals and integrated radial oil seals, Glaser offers a new generation of PTFE radial oil seals.


Glaser also manufacture small gaskets that are available in their gasket sets. These include Manifold and cam cover gaskets as well as smaller gaskets for pipes, pumps and other ancillaries.

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