King bearings are one of leading engine bearing manufacturers in the world. They have the widest range of bearings for American, European & Asian Cars & light commercials.

Tomorrow’s Bearings for Today’s Engines

King’s products are engineered for the aftermarket. That’s why we offer a wider range of undersizes and various material options in the King lineup.

King is the first choice in the extremely demanding aviation and racing industries due to our in-depth understanding of the specific needs of those industries. This knowledge and experience is then applied to every aftermarket bearing we make.

King Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ Technology

Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ is a production technology developed by King. It combines highly accurate machining, overplating, and computerized wall thickness monitoring that adjusts the process on-the-spot. This state of the art production technology sets new standards in our aftermarket bearing thickness consistency. Bull’s Eye Tolerance™ outperforms the industry’s wall thickness tolerance, ensuring the least thickness variation shell-to-shell. The outcome: A new standard in bearing thickness consistency.

When it comes to aftermarket bearings there is only one King!

  • Sputter & sputter replacement options
  • Cutting edge bearing technology
  • Higher load capacity through advanced materials
  • Most consistently sized engine bearings

Bearing Materials

Aluminium crankshaft engine bearings UK Lead Copper heavy duty bearings UK
Aluminium crankshaft bearings for medium duty applications Lead Copper conrod / big end bearings for heavy duty applications
Lead free conrod & main shells pMax black King race series bearings
Lead free bearings for Heavy Duty applications. Other metals like Silver are used to create a durable bearings without the use of Pb. Surface coatings and treatments depnding on engine load and specific requirements. Including the race series P Max black coating

king bearing wear chart
Troubleshooting Chart
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King Bearings UK
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