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Mahle Pistons

Mahle pistons have to put up with extreme pressures, as their working conditions have become significantly tougher in recent years. For example, thermal loads (with temperatures in the combustion chamber reaching 2,600ºC) and average ignition pressures have increased greatly. The inertial force loads have also increased due to high-speed concepts and a tendency to longer piston strokes. Naturally, the demands on pistons have also risen progressively: they must be lighter, must have lower oil consumption and must be absolutely safe—and this even under extreme conditions such as hot and cold load capacity testing and endurance testing under thermal shock.

Mahle Pistons
Mahle Bearings

Mahle Bearings

Bearings support rotating shafts such as crankshafts, camshafts, rocker arm shafts or balancer shafts in the engine block or in the connecting rods. The mechanical stress in internal combustion engines is extremely high. Our bearings have to meet a number of quality characteristics. They have to be fatigue-resistant, adaptable, tolerate high loads and be resistant to wear and corrosion.

In cooperation with engine manufacturers, we develop and test the bearings for every single engine type. Ongoing basic research and further development of materials and production technologies ensure economically and technically optimized products of highest quality. Our product range comprises bearings and thrust washers in diameters ranging from 27 to 140 mm as well as bushings with diameters from 6 to 105 mm.

Mahle Piston Rings

In modern engines, and for high continuous outputs, our piston rings ensure reliable and precise function of the carriers. As the leading manufacturer of pistons, we constantly work to optimize the performance and running quality of our piston rings. We also set quality standards in this field with state-of-the-art production facilities. With decades of experience in development and production, we can assure optimum compatibility between our pistons and piston rings and can satisfy the highest demands.

Mahle Piston rings
Mahle liners

Mahle Liners

For cylinder liners made from cast iron, it is therefore necessary to create optimum surfaces that contribute to lower oil consumption and blow-by, produce fewer wear particles and allow shorter running-in times and consequently a longer service life.

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