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Motive Components are a leading supplier of engine components to the automotive trade. 

They produce a broad spectrum of high-quality engine components, from gaskets, camshafts, hydraulic lifters and cam followers to cylinder heads, head bolts, piston rings, rocker shafts, oil pumps and valves.

Timing Chain Kits

Timing chain kitTheir wide range of timing chain kits include chain, tensioners, gears, guide rails, bolts and sprockets. All components are manufactured by Motive’s carefully selected OE certified manufacturing partner, to guarantee consistent quality and interoperability.

Every component is coded and exhaustively batch-tested by our engineering team on our own in-house testing facilities to assure compliance with OE standards and tolerances. We use Rockwell and Vickers hardness reads for comparison with the corresponding OE product. All chains are additionally pre stretched to shorten the running-in period.

  • Competitively priced
  • Exhaustive in house testing and quality control
  • One OE certified supplier, not mixed and matched
  • All parts coded as per ISO 9001:2008 standards

Rocker Shafts

Rocker shaftsTheir extensive, carefully selected range of rocker shafts allow us to meet the most specific or niche customer demands, from classic vehicles such as the Triumph TR4 through to more modern day diesel applications like the Ford Transit 2.4TDCi or the Mitsubishi L200.

We can supply precision-engineered shafts made from varying grades of steel and hardened to required O/E specifications, which enable the oscillating levers (rocker arms) to convey the radial movement of the camshaft lobe into linear movement at the valve end.

Oil Pumps

Oil Pump supplierMotive supplies and produces a vast range of oil pumps to meet the changing demands of the modern automotive aftermarket, covering engine sizes from 600cc -12000cc for everything from passenger vehicle cars to agricultural and heavy duty commercial vehicles.

Motive works closely with some of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers to maintain the high quality required for these industrious engine parts. As the mainstay of the engine lubrication system, all oil pumps are batch tested in our own Quality Control department to ensure the product meets our strict ISO9001:2008 certified standards

Cylinder Heads

Cylinder head castingsMotive’s comprehensive catalogue of cylinder heads and all associated parts allows us to compete with the world’s largest suppliers.

Driven by high customer demand for quality assured cylinder heads for the O/E markets, our parts are sourced from manufacturers certified to ISO9001 and TS16949 standards.


camshaft / camsMotive works with leading manufacturers and the latest manufacturing technologies to produce Camshafts delivered to a wide range of material specifications.

Chilled iron, steel, induction iron and sintered have become key components in the full array of products offered for today’s varied car parc. Our range has expanded dramatically in line with manufacturing capability developments and we now offer one of the largest ranges of Camshafts available to the worldwide automotive aftermarket.

All O/E standards are maintained by our manufacturers using the latest CNC and Adcol technology, providing the necessary finish required for these component parts to Q5000 & IS9002 standards.

Cam Train Parts

cam followers, hydraulic lifters, tappets, buckets

Motive offers one of the largest ranges of Cam Followers, Hydraulic Lifters and Rocker Arms available to the worldwide automotive aftermarket.

We produce a wide range of Cam Followers that supports most applications, working with some of the world’s most established Cam Follower manufacturers to assure quality. All O/E standards are maintained by our manufacturers using the latest CNCand Adcol technology, providing the necessary finish required for these component parts to Q5000 & IS9002 standards.

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