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NPR / NE Piston Rings

NPR are manufacturers of Piston rings for Car, commercial and motorsport engines. Their Piston rings are manufacturered to OEM or higher specifications. We supply NPR / NE rings across the globe and have a huge range in stock


PVD Specification

PVD stands for “physical vapour deposition”, a vacuum-based coating process where layers of hardening components are directly deposited onto the surface of the piston ring. The PVD coatings are notable because of their high wear-resistance. This is achieved by a high hardness (1400-2200 Hv) and an extremely compact layer structure. A further advantage is the very smooth surface which results in considerable friction benefits.


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Where are NPR Rings Used

Nowadays PVD rings are used successfully for numerous applications. They are being used in commercial vehicles which have a required mileage of more than 1 million miles and modern highly stressed automobile diesel engines.



PVD technology is increasingly being used in conventional petrol engines. Its high wearresistance maintains the ring shape over a longer period of time. For instance this allows a reduction of the ring tension of PVD coated oil control rings which in turn results in considerable friction benefits. These rings are used by race teams and engine buiders across Europe


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