Pistons are located in the engine block and are conneted to the small end of the connecting rod by the gudgeon pin. The piston compresses gases ready for ignition. As the gases combust the energy of the combustion forces the piston down which in turn; rotates the crankshaft.

Piston designs vary between engine. Many modern diesel engine will have a combustion bowl in the top of the piston. The combustion bowl may have a raised dome inside for even distribution of the the fuel injection. Some pistons are completely flat where as others may have valve pockets. The underside of the pistons may have oil cooling channels or galleries. The design on the bottom of the piston will be made to suit either a parallel or tapered conrod.

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Pistons rings are fitted around the circumference of the piston. The piston rings seal the combustion area from the crankcase. If your piston rings are worn, oil will seep past the rings and will be burnt in the combustion chamber.You will also lose compression in the affected cylinder resulting in a lack of power. Blue smoke will be excessive from the exhaust if the piston rings are worn, Blue smoke can also be an indicator of valve stem seal failure. Rings can be made from different materials depending on the cylinder sleeves and power output. Chrome rings are never to be placed in chromed bores! Rings have different designs, keystone, chamfers & tapers. This helps locate the ring into the piston. If these patterns are no observed you will either damaged the bore or, you will have a lack of compression. The conventional engine will have 3 pistons rings which are made up of two compression rings and an oil control ring which is placed nearest the gudgeon pin. This is not always the case but is the most common configuration used today in cars & light commercial vehicles.
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