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Multi-layer steel (MLS) cylinder-head gaskets – innovative sealing solutions for new engine designs.
Increasing torque and performance with decreasing consumption and emissions. The development goals in engine construction determine the requirements of modern gasket systems. As a leader in technology, an original equipment manufacturer transfers all of his expertise, experience and quality into the replacement parts business. With a broad product palette, VICTOR REINZ supplies cylinder head gaskets for all conventional passenger car and commercial vehicle engines.

A Perfect Combination – Oil Seals and PTFE
The advantages of PTFE technology set new standards in the development of oil seals
Modern engine concepts require solutions for dynamic seals, which are able to withstand the high loads lastingly. Thanks to outstanding properties, PTFE meets these demands
- the best prerequisites for series use in modern engines.

Cylinder Head Bolts
Cylinder-head bolts guarantee a secure and releasable joint. However, this does not mean that the same bolt can be reused for the same application. When reassembling a cylinder head, always make sure to use new head bolts. The result will be a high sealing pressure for a reliable and tight joint.

Make sure to use head bolts exclusively from quality manufacturers. Victor Reinz cylinder-head bolts comply with all manufacturer specifications, and are matched perfectly to our head gasket sets. Of course, the torquing guidelines are always supplied – available in 12 languages.
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